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A Personal Message from Rina Valia

While technology is certainly a crucial component of overcoming hearing loss, many people find that it's the relationship with their hearing care professional that truly makes the difference. In fact, those who have successfully addressed their hearing loss will often attest that the key to success lies in finding the right expert to guide them through the process.

At Eartone Hearing Aid Center, we've been dedicated to helping thousands of local residents achieve better hearing for over 25 years. Our approach is built on a combination of industry-leading practices and a genuine passion for helping others.

By combining cutting-edge technology with unwavering care and expertise, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way as you work towards better hearing. We believe that this holistic approach is essential to helping you achieve your full potential and continue to live life to the fullest.

If you're seeking a trusted partner in your hearing journey, someone who prioritizes honesty, kindness, and exceptional care, then you're in the right place. I'm here to guide you every step of the way, and I promise to provide you with the highest level of support and care as you work towards achieving better hearing.

-Rina Valia

Our Mission

As a family-owned and operated practice, our mission is simply to provide personalized and exceptional hearing care. We understand the impact hearing loss can have on one’s quality of life, and that’s why we prioritize building personal relationships with our patients and listening to their concerns. Our goal is to make every visit to our practice a positive and comfortable experience, so you can feel at ease discussing your hearing health.

It's the little things that matter most!

Want to share a joke with your friends, hear the birds singing outside your bedroom window, or catch every word of the story your grandchild is trying to tell you? It’s the little things that matter the most, and at Eartone Hearing Aid Center we’re committed to helping you enjoy all these special moments in your life. Living with hearing loss affects every area of our lives, from relationships to independence to mental and emotional wellbeing.
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Take Control of Your Hearing Health

Are you tired of feeling isolated and disconnected from the world around you? Do you find yourself constantly asking others to repeat themselves, or struggling to keep up with conversations in noisy environments? At Eartone Hearing Aid Center, we understand that hearing loss can be a source of frustration and stress in your personal and professional relationships.

Our team of expert hearing health professionals is dedicated to helping you overcome these challenges and enjoy life with clarity and confidence. With our advanced hearing technologies and personalized treatment plans, you'll be able to hear every conversation, laugh, and memory with ease. Imagine being able to reconnect with loved ones, attend events without worrying about what you're missing, and simply enjoy life without the burden of hearing loss holding you back.

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When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Free Hearing Screenings in San Mateo, CA

Despite the alarming statistics: hearing loss is now the third most common physical condition, ranking behind arthritis and heart disease, with the World Health Organization predicting a doubling of cases in the next 30 years, it's astonishing that most of us neglect to regularly screen our hearing.

While regular eye exams, dental check-ups, and annual physicals have become a routine part of our healthcare regimen, hearing assessments are often only performed when a hearing loss is first noticed by a doctor or loved ones.

At Eartone Hearing Aid Center, we're committed to spreading awareness about the importance of regular hearing screenings. To encourage this vital practice, we offer complimentary hearing screenings to anyone who is concerned about their hearing or that of a loved one.

If you have concerns about your or a loved one's hearing, we strongly recommend scheduling an initial hearing screening. This quick and painless process can help identify any early signs of hearing loss, allowing for prompt intervention to prevent further deterioration.

Reasons to Choose Eartone Hearing Aid Center

Trusted by Hundreds of Local Families:

We support both patients and their loved ones, fostering collaboration for better hearing.

Serving the Peninsula for over 25 Years:

With extensive experience, we've helped thousands achieve better hearing.

Advanced Knowledge of Hearing Technology:

Our expertise ensures optimal performance from cutting-edge devices.

Partners with All Major Manufacturers:

We prioritize patients' needs by partnering with all manufacturers.

Complimentary Hearing Screenings Available:

Removing barriers, we offer free screenings to catch issues early.

Integrity-Focused 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

We prioritize honesty and care, offering a refund if you're not satisfied.

Trusted by Local Physicians:

Our reputation is endorsed by local medical professionals.

Women Owned:

Owned by Rina Valia, we're proud to be a women-owned business.

On-Site Repairs and Maintenance:

We offer repair services to ensure healthy hearing in our communities.

Exceptional Follow-up Care:

Our ongoing support includes fine-tuning and encouragement for adjustment.

Interest-Free Payment Plans:

We offer flexible payment options to make better hearing accessible.

    We work with all major insurance companies. Call our office to discuss your benefits.

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