Hearing Evaluations

A hearing evaluation is an important first step in your hearing health journey.
We understand that acknowledging changes to your hearing health can be tough so committing to this first step is a huge feat. A hearing evaluation allows our licensed hearing aid specialist to determine if you or a loved one is facing hearing loss. We will also be able to identify the type and degree of hearing loss which is critical to understanding your hearing needs.

Results from your hearing evaluation help us establish a comprehensive and effective treatment plan that best fits your lifestyle. Understanding what you can expect from your hearing evaluation appointment can alleviate any anxiety or stress, helping you feel as prepared as possible. Generally, a hearing evaluation is a four-step process outlined below.
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Like most medical appointments, your hearing evaluation will start with an intake process that includes a conversation. You will be asked about your health history, symptoms you are experiencing, lifestyle factors (profession, social life, exercise, etc.), and the concerns you have. This conversation allows us to gauge your experience with hearing loss and gather any information that might reveal its cause.
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Physical Ear Inspection

After the initial intake conversation, our hearing aid specialist will inspect your ears. Using a specific instrument for the ears called an otoscope, we will thoroughly assess the outer and inner parts of both ears. We will look for any physical obstructions that could be contributing to your hearing loss. This can include accumulated earwax, any growths, or damage to the ear canal or eardrum which can prevent sound from being fully absorbed as well as reaching the inner ear.
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Hearing Test

Once your ears have been inspected for any damage, we will move on to the actual hearing test which is noninvasive and painless. You will wear headphones that are connected to a device that plays sounds at different volumes and pitches. Guided by our hearing aid specialist, these sounds will be played one ear at a time and you will respond to what you can hear. This identifies the softest sounds you can hear which is known as your hearing threshold.
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Your results will be captured in real-time and presented to you after the hearing test on what is called an audiogram. An audiogram is a visual representation of your hearing capacity in each ear. This graph shows you the volume of specific sounds that you can hear and what is more challenging for you to hear. Our hearing aid specialist will take their time to review this information with you so that you have a thorough understanding of your hearing loss. This includes the specific type of hearing loss you are experiencing as well as the degree of impairment that is present in each ear.

Treatment Options

We will provide treatment solutions that benefit your degree of hearing loss. The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids. These are electronic devices that are designed to absorb, amplify, and process sound. This provides the ears and brain with ample support which creates a greater capacity to hear and process speech as well as sound. Our licensed hearing aid specialist will recommend specific devices that can best meet your hearing needs.

There are several factors that we use to identify the hearing aid that is optimal for you. This includes the specifics of your hearing loss, lifestyle factors, and the technologies and features you are interested in. We will take the time to discuss your options so that you can make an informed choice. This is also a perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you have so that you can gain a better understanding of your experience of hearing loss. Once we establish a treatment plan, we will discuss the next steps.

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At Eartone Hearing Aid Center, we are invested in providing individualized care that transforms hearing health. The benefits of treating hearing loss can profoundly improve your daily life and wellness. Our practice is proud to serve the San Mateo community as well as surrounding areas. Call us today to get started!
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